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As you journey through our website, we do hope that:

     - Your visit will be just the beginning of your hot air ballooning adventure
     - Your lasting impression will be of our commitment to providing the very best of ballooning adventures
    - And that we will get to welcome you aboard personally

The areas you fly from and over, your hostís hospitality, the quality of our hot air balloons and equipment, the expertise of your pilot, the post-flight celebration, fun and involvement, all contribute to a real ballooning experience.

It is for these reasons that we offer hot air balloon flights from the finest venues in 5 provinces:

Gauteng: The Cradle Game Reserve for game viewing, and our 5-star gem, Toadbury Hall
Freestate: Parys, the Vaal River, and the site of the largest meteor strike on the planet, or Clarens, a picturesque and quaint village, and Bloemfontein 
KZN / KwaZulu Natal: the north, central and southern Drakensberg, Champagne Valley, the KZN Midlands, and Tala Private Game Reserve, 45 minutes from Durban
Northern Cape: the Kalahari - Augrabies. Flights are available April to end October. We have a small balloon available for up to 3 people. 
Western Cape
: Cape Town/ Riebeeck Kasteel. Flights are available November to end March. We have a small balloon available for up to 3 people.

  -  and many other fine venues throughout South Africa.

View our short video featuring The Cradle Game Reserve in Gauteng and Tala Private Game Reserve near PMB in KZN:

Our hot air balloons are smaller and more intimate, our pilots are skilled and experienced, and our hospitality provides for lots of fun and involvement.

For a ballooning adventure of a lifetime - we call this real ballooning.

Hot air ballooning is about an intriguing blend of personal challenge, adventure, romance, the unknown, colour and fun, of getting closer to natureís elements of earth, wind, fire and firmament. If surreality has a place in lifeís list of experiences, then perhaps hot air ballooning best provides it.

Itís about experiencing mankindís oldest form of aviation, suspended animation beneath a colourful canopy of hot air Ė destination unknown!  - momentarily leaving the loving arms of Mother Earth, outside the confines of aircraft, at one with nature.

Hot air ballooning is gentle, itís safe, and we at Hot Air Ballooning SA are privileged to provide the very best of it.


We offer the full spectrum of hot air ballooning services throughout South Africa, subject only to capacity and venue suitability. Click on our Launch sites and rates page for more details.

Follow our lively and interactive Facebook page for details of recent flights, upcoming events, photos, videos and comments from our happy guests - Hot Air Ballooning South Africa:

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